My Vegan Playground - Journal 6 What A Week

The most eventful and productive week for me in awhile. I feel so loved and appreciated.

Let's see:
1) It's my second month rockin the vegan lifestyle.
2) We started up a facebook fan page for this blog. Right now the blog streams to twitter and FB, but in the future the FB page will point people directly here.
3) Finished up my bonus materials for nutrition class #1. It's so very interesting to learn about plant- based nutrition. Well, especially since it's the life I now live and looooove.
4) I started nutrition class #2 today, questions getting harder, but the challenge is awesome. Streeeetching me.
5) We got our first 2 followers here (whom I also follow) who are very awesome, genuine, sweet and live out loud women.
6) My husband joined Thrive in 30 with me. And 2 other people signed up as well.
7) The house is getting way more organized. Hopefully, renovations can start again soon. Ooh, and maybe I can get an awesome kitchen now that I cook all the time. Vegan food really is soooo ono(delicious).

So much more has happened that I just can't think of right now. I'm bursting :D

Some of the wonderful things about eating a plant-food based diet is it really does clear your mind, sharpen your focus, fill you with vitality and give you this unbelievable zest for life and adventure. You just become fearless. The most awesome part of it all, is how I'm growing closer and closer to God in ways that I never experienced before. Every single day, I am so much more aware of Him in the details, in the small things and in the people I'm in contact with. It's so awesome and filling.

The #1 thing for me this week, is the unbelievable encouragement and support I've gotten from the most unexpected places. My e-cornell instructor Rebecca Michaelides, Sammi Mclean of Vegan Pandamonium, Lindsay Wolf of Kiss Me I'm Vegan. I'm never forgetting the "firsts" these women have shared with me during this most awesome time of my life.

Ready to pay it forward
Love in Christ, Jeri
p.s. please do share your dreams with us.


Jazz Siebert said...

My dream is to finish what I start in life and live God's purpose for me! Thank you for being such an inspiration. :)

GodsDreamsForMe said...

You goal just inspired me. Thank You Jazz. You so totally rock girl.