Gods Dreams For Me: Include inspirational people

This blog is inspired by Terry Walters asking which women have inspired us. I stayed up last night and realized that there are key women God has used to touch my life in ways that have changed me forever.

I’m turning 45 this year. It’s so awesome to look forward to it. I've only learned to embrace life and each year that comes through the beautiful and inspiring women in the world. The women God blessed my life with have totally healed my emotions, spirit, mind, and body. I’m so happy with who I am and excited for growth.

Before I go on, I have to thank the one man in my life who continues to challenge me, love me, inspire me, and be my #1 supporter - my husband, David.

who would never call themselves that: Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Stormie Omartian, Mary Southerland, and Adie Camp. I've learned to draw closer to God in pain and challenges and come through even closer to Him. I've learned to Praise Him in the middle of it all, not necessarily for the challenge, but because He is faithful in it and will bring me to the other side.

Especially my mother-in-law, Tokie Taira. She goes beyond to care for my father-in-law and will tell you it's not work at all. My Sister-in-Law - Sonya Giron who loves my Mom like her own. The Sisters, friends, neighbors who love their husbands, care for their children , and keep balance in their lives are all around me. Most importantly, their walks with God.

This year God has blessed me with learning to be proactive in my health and environment those women are (in order of discovering/rediscovering them): Ellen Barrett (Fit & Fab - calm exercising), Alicia Silverstone (The Kind Diet), Terry Walters (Clean Food), Rebecca Michaelides (my nutrition instructor at e-cornell), Lindsay Wolf (Kiss Me I'm Vegan). Their examples teach me how simple it really is, to put the work into it, and to do something about "it" whatever my passion may be.

So many new friends I've made this year who cheer me on, encourage me, fill my heart. through The Kind Life Community, The Vega Community (developed by Brendan Brazier), GodsDreamsForMe blog/Facebook.

And all of you too. I am a very blessed and grateful woman.

God Bless You all and Love,


Jazz Siebert said...

You are such a wonderful woman! I feel like im on the same path... wanting to grow...wanting to learn... doing my best for God!

You're such an inspiration!

Keep it up.

GodsDreamsForMe said...

I'm soaking in your encouragement and asking God to remind me it's all about him and what he's doing. All we can do is like you said, "our best" and it's awesome.