Acai bowl with Cashew Cream

David's walking Shadow right now and when he gets back we're going to have our bible study and then meeting for GodsDreamsForMe.  So I decided to make him a treat for working hard all day.

The original Acai bowl is From Ani's Raw Food Desserts and the original Cashew Cream comes from Tal Ronnen: The Conscious Cook.  It came out awesome!

My variation on the cream: 1/4 C. hemp milk, 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/2 C. Cashew Nut Butter (since it was on hand).  In blender on whip setting.  My variation on the acai bowl blueberries instead of goji (I didn't have any) and I added chia seeds for color. 

Earlier I did a blog on Tal's book.  Ani's book is wonderful as well.  She talks about the benefits of the different berries and foods.  I hope you'll  pick up these books and have fun.  If you already have share your successes :D

God Bless You All,



Dave said...

oh. my. gummy bear! that was crazy good! jeri did wayyy good making a parfait out of it. the flavors really complemented each other. it was perfect after work/the walk... substantial enough to tie me over to dinner & it was cool/refreshing enough be the oasis of delight =0)

Lindsay said...

YUMMY!! :)

s.m. said...

that looks seriously delicious!!!

Jazz Siebert said...

oh man...Amazing! I want that in my tummy right now! :)

Jeri @ GodsDreamsForMe said...

Thanks you guys. My favorite part was the cashew cream. It tasted like vanilla cream. I really want to try it with real vanilla bean...mmm. Just imagine what we could put that on.