Just bought The Conscious Cook

I cannot wait to read more of this book and try the recipes. We take time to make sure the book we're buying is going to be of the most excellent benefit. It was cool to see that chef, Tal Ronnen was a former steak lover himself! Just like David n myself and most of America.

The awesome things in this book: Sections discussing his faves, the top 5 vegan myths, even tools and tricks! He has guest chefs culminating their recipes, and a chapter on eating seasonally (which I totally appreciate).

Most importantly, he discusses "Why Vegan?"with one highly beneficial reason being health. Others include: the planet and helping others. (We'll cover how a plant-based diet actually does contribute to the health of our planet as well as ourselves, in another blog).

Personally, this girl can't wait to make the faux cheeses or should we call it real cheeses since it's plant-based foods we're talking about here...oh yeah!

More vibrant energy and health to you all.

God Bless You,


Lindsay said...

I love this book Jeri!! It's so wonderful and when you cook something from it, you feel like a gourmet vegan chef. Rock on!

GodsDreamsForMe said...

You are so right. I did feel gourmet. His "cheese" recipes are very cool....I'm whispering because it's that cool...:D