The Ache to Trust

Distrust. That's a tough state to be in. The condition of distrust with worry, doubt, and even fear. I'm sure there could so many more emotions and states of mind attached to it. It's not a healthy place to be, but there's no rushing the healing of trust.

The ache to trust again. The ache to just be comfortable and at rest in trust. The ache to enjoy life in trusting the ones who are now part of our every day.

Abandonment -- Ache to trust the ones who presently love and support us to stay -- or-- come back if they have to leave for a length of time.

Loss -- Ache to trust in the love and companionship of the ones who remain -- and -- enjoy what they share in relationship.

Deceit -- Ache to trust for honesty, loyalty and dedication from the ones who here and now have never deceived.

I've found a way through all of this. Though there surely are many. 
At His feet, Jesus is helping me through with forgiveness. 

It's a a powerful word. Forgiveness is filled with power, love, and grace. It's a word of grace and beauty as it gently washes away anger, resentment, and bitterness. It warmly restores strength of heart, soul health, and spirit flight. 

Forgiveness relieves the ache to trust at the pace God has set for me. It continues to nurture trust after long ago child abuse, divorce, and continuous death of the only ones who would support my God-sized dreams. 

The gift and grace of new ones who bring safety, belonging, acceptance, and unconditional love. These along with forgiveness nurture my ache to trust year after year. 

The result of taking my ache to trust to Jesus in prayer is growing in joyfulness, hopefulness, and belief.

This was my simple prayer those years ago and I continue to whisper it again and again. Inspired by Mark 9:24: "Jesus, help me to trust again. Help me to heal from the past so I can trust again. I don't want to miss out on the love now."

With You in Mind:
I pray that prayer for you too who aches to trust again. Healing comes as you sit as His feet and openly talk about the distrust with Jesus. He truly wants you to. It's not ugly to Him at all. He'll bring people to help you through as you ask Him too.

Will you sit at His feet today and openly talk (pray) about the distrust your past has brought? Let Him grow a desire in you to trust again. He will heal the ache.

Can I pray for you? I'll pray even if you quietly slipped in to slip out. If you like, send a private message via email or message on facebook.

Soul Refreshment:

Mark 9:24 ~ "... help me with my doubts!"

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Okay, I took about 7 minutes to write ;-)