You Don't Have to 'Keep Up' ~ Breathing Room for Your Soul

It's a sweetly quieting statement...You don't have to keep up with everyone else's pace. 

You have permission to find God's unique rhythms. Rhythms He's written just for you.

On our own, we live a syncopated rhythm. Off beat. A chaotic pace. The song we sway to is suddenly interrupted and the beat shifts all over the place...over and over in one day.

But, what if you were still with God. Maybe several times throughout one day.
Quiet in his stillness until you found your rhythms.
Sweet flowing rhythms unique to your soul's flow.
A joyful quick beat or a slowing melody.

It's impossible to control the world's cadence. But your rhythm can overwhelm your soul above the other noises. Above another's timing.

You don't have to keep up with anyone else's pace. 

May you find breathing room for your soul by tapping your toes to the song God wrote just for you.

Hugs from Hawaii,

ps. Maybe you can find your rhythm by trying some of these cups of rest from the lovely Bonnie Gray at Click on the art below to access free printables at Bonnie's site.

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