Becoming :: A New Season of Rediscovery

Starting my day. The mornings.

I am having so much fun putting my hands to old interests being made new. It's been a slow attempt on my part. The doors have finally opened up time and energy I need to start. My soul already feels refreshed. Space made for soul breathing.

Hand lettering has been an interest since I was a teen. A friend and I would have so much fun at it. Last year, that was renewed in me. All of a sudden friends started to post photos of their practice right at the time I needed a spark.

Art was another teen interest. Airbrushing and charcoal was my interest back then. It's a whole century later. The area I want to explore is watercolor pencils and brush markers.

Tonight, my hubby takes me to pick some last few supplies. He's going to discover along with me. Always fun with a friend. I'm sure many mistakes will be made. I'm gonna keep those to remind me along the way that progress is a process. Mistakes can be fun too.

I would love to hear what your interests are. What new things have you tried? What have you found out about yourself that you never new before? 

I wanted to share these 28 shots to savor in trying new things. Some you might already do. Others you might want to start again. Still there might be a few new ones to explore. You never know what you might discover.

Happy first day of Spring and Hugs from Hawaii,

Originally posted at Faith Barista by my writing friend Bonnie Gray in February. 
The beautiful handwriting and art done by my friend Kelly Ishmael of Minding My Nest.

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Having some shots of faith with Bonnie today

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