24 Seconds of Yellow, Sunsets, and Funstuff

It's so nice to be back out and about after a long rest and recovery. Even nicer to be back here connecting with everyone. My hello to brighten your weekend is in sharing a quick video with you and an invite to a few of my communities below. I've included as many links as possible for your ease. Any hashtags are usable for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Yellow: My teacher  Xanthe Berkeley invites us to color week now and then. Hence, yellow is this week. Come and join in. The color schedule is here. If you are on Instagram you can find her @xantheb and myself @jeri_taira. Let me know if you're there so we can connect. The hashtags are #colorcolourlovers and #colorcolour_____ (the blank is filled with the color of the week ex: #Colorcolouryellow)

Sunsets: You may already know that Sunset walks with My hubby and BigDog are a favorite of mine. One calming activity where I find my quiets and pauses. My friend Bonnie Gray has us reading up on creating and capturing our spiritual white space moments. The hashtag is #spiritualwhitespace
(I'll be sharing more on Bonnie's new book next, community, and activities next week).

Funstuff: I can't say enough of the fun I have with our grandson. I call him LilMan and he calls me Yaya. We seem to be into playing with cars a lot lately. Crash bang kind of playing. Brings out the tomboy in me.

Extras: I am still enjoying my times with God in #gofindourquiet and #pauseandlinger. Please do join in these anytime. I'll be watching for your captured times with joyful anticipation.

Do enjoy my 'hello, nice to be back' gifts to you and the short video below. I couldn't wait to share them with you.

God Bless and hugs from Hawaii,
Jeri xoxo

Yellow, Sun, and Fun from Jeri Taira on Vimeo.

Communities where I find refreshing

Joining a few friends this week. Come on over ...

You're invited to join me, my sweet friend Holley
and a few other ladies for coffee every Wednesday.
Sometimes I stop by a day or two later *blush*

Whitespace Community Linkup @ faithbarista.com

Come have coffee with Bonnie over at her place
 For a good 'shot' of Faith. 
She starts each Thursdays and pours all week long.

On Fridays, Come and join me with Jen over at I Believe in Love
once a month my wonderful friend Jenn from StudioJRU comes over too
Share your own way of creating here.