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One of our fave spots overlooks our neighborhood golf course. Even BigDog loves it there

The word 'Selah' is defined as pause, crescendo, or musical interlude. Such a cool word. It's found throughout the Psalms at the end of verses, as a call to "pause and think on that".

There are so many obstacles to finding our quiet. We can be our own obstacle. It could be that the quiet feels so awkward in that loud silence. I giggle at that because my first time in the absolute silence, all I heard was the hum of all the appliances. Ha ha! I kept focusing on it. I thought it was such a waste. But, practice would prove otherwise.

Eventually, I found that my ultimate quiet is on long walks and hikes. Nurturing it in nature, made it more fruitful at home. It starts with a simple, whispered prayer, "Jesus, quiet me". I now crave my quiet. Oh to linger in that refreshing. So worth the pause.

First, we go find our quiet. Then, we pause and linger in it's soothing and refreshing. 

The first step. Practice. We can start off with a minute a day and work our way through to more. 

One minute of breathing deeply...
One minute of thinking on God's goodness in our lives...
One minute of eyes closed, soft-smile, happy sigh refreshing...

The hum of the appliances will fade. The awkward space will become a blanket of comfort. The day will come when you don't even realize it feels like home in the quiet. Ah yes.

Hugs from Hawaii,

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God blessed me with this guy to poke at me if I'm stressed

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