You're Beautiful

The women who are my friends and family want to tell you how beautiful you are. I want you to know it's true! 

It shows in how you do what you do. It shines through all you share. It resonates through your words. You sure are beautiful.

We are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters. Homemakers photographers, teachers, writers, students. 

Some of us have it all together. Some of us are a chaotic mess. In it all, we are beautiful just as we are.

We want to encourage you today to begin embracing your beauty...

You're beautiful. 
Yes, You.  
Just as you are. 
We celebrate You. Every part. 
You're beautiful. 

Wonderful, Beautiful You

A huge thank you to the beautiful women in my life who shared their beauty:

My Family:

My Photography Community Friends:
Kelly I.
Hillary H.
Elke S.

Hugs from Hawaii,

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