On The Lookout

The Journey ~ 
I could not have even begun to understand what this journey would unearth. God started me on this adventure 7 years ago now and while I was ill. The seeking out of His joys and wonders in my everydayness had me wide-eyed with expectation. 
The Treasure Hunt ~ 
As my wonderful God would have it, this treasure hunt had many a steep climbs, sudden drops, and prolonged rest stops. I naturally lean toward instant gratification. So, of course, there was much murmuring on the trek. 

The Discovering ~ 
Jesus, never left me all the while. Together with Him I discovered those joys and wonders in chaos and mess more than when things were going well. I met so many amazing people who became close friends and some who crossed my path but for a moment. All of them helped me find the light in every dark moment. 

The Light ~ 
Now, even on the lowest of days and in hardest of struggles, I trust God’s light to always shine through. You know what? It always does. Just like it says here:

John 1:5 (MSG)
The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; 
the darkness couldn’t put it out.


The Blessing ~ 
May we practice mindfulness of His light whatever condition we are in. 

Hugs from Hawaii,

The Gift ~ Enjoy

On Finding The Light from David & Jeri Taira on Vimeo.
Music: Best Day of My Life by American Authors