{Linger} ~ When Everything's In Slow Motion

With You in Mind:

You can't even count the many times...

You found yourself on your knees barely even able to whisper a prayerSomehow you breathed out the words for help. As you lingered there, did you find your shoulders relaxed as the weight of it all, of them all lightened little by little? 

Maybe you found yourself face down on your bed or the floor. There is where you breathed out your whispered prayers. There is where you found some comfort. Did you find your furrowed brows softened as you trusted Him with it all, with them all? 

The more often you linger with God in the hard and painfulyou will become more aware of the little things like that at first. Your shoulders, your brows, even your breath more even, deep, slowed. Your trust for Him to care for you will grow and deepen.

When you linger there, right where you are in all honestly of how hard it isyou will find you're not as hard on yourself. You'll begin to see where you're pressing too hard and where better to put your energies. 

It's what you do next that matters:

What next? What now? ~ Your heart wants all the answers fast. 

He has you slowed for now. Linger here. He has much love to pour into you while you rest, linger, and nourish in His word. The answers will come soon.

Don't give up. Keep lingering with Him. Even if you can't breathe a whisper, He knows your heart. He hears every word you can't seem to say out loud. 

How do you find joys and wonders in your everyday when you're so exhausted from the challenges and chaos? 

It all starts there in the lingering. And the first wonder you find is the gift of rest as you worry less. The first little joy you'll unwrap is you. That you are already enough - no need to perform or try hard. 

You'll completely freak out, just as I did when I looked in the mirror after the many times of lingering, a little soft smile appeared. 

It'll come. Just keep lingering in all honesty of who you are and where you are. He already knows. He waits with tenderness and strong, loving arms for you to let Him take you through it.

I'll linger there with you. I'm praying and cheering you on. 

Spirit-Soul Refreshment:

Habakkuk 2:3 ~ It aches for coming -- it can hardly wait! 

                                  And it doesn't lie. 
                                  It seems slow in coming, wait. 
                                  It's on its way. It will come right on time.

Psalm 46:1 ~ God is a safe place to hide;
                           ready to help when we need him