{Past Post} on Dwelling in Time Off

Here is one of my favorite picks from the "Dwelling" series on taking time off. I pray it  motivates you for taking time to slow-flow, often. May God guide you in rest and refreshment. ~ Jeri

Psst...I have a fun surprise to share with you tomorrow. So be sure and drop by to check it out.

*Hi there and thank you for coming by. If you missed my 3/6/11 post, I'm on a two-week R & R. 
I'll be back on Thursday, 3/22/11. God bless You.

Originally posted on Friday, November 4, 2011

{Dwell} :: Unwrap, Discover, Dream and Give Thanks


I'll be taking the weekends off from social networking to make room for quieter living. I like to call it slow-flow. After 31 days of writing, it's gonna be hard to do. I had so much fun!

This is the perfect month for slowing down. During November, I'll be mindfully unwrapping the small wonders I discover. You're invited to come along and share too. I can't wait to see what God blesses us all with.

That said, the weekends be for photos while I slow-flow. Photos of what God gifted me with throughout the week. It may be one photo or a whole mosaic. Maybe even two! I also hope to link up with Dawn for Camera Phone Fridays.

The weekends will be for celebrating God's unwrapped discoveries that fuel my everyday dreams. I can only pausebreathe and give thanks for them all. I know I'll enjoy sharing them with you. I hope you'll enjoy the weekly peek into our lives.

1) Shadow & Ezie 2) David in the quiet before... 3) Renovations 4) Ezie's fall before he tries again
5) Shadow's playfulness 6) Morning walks 7) Writing life words 8) Family meal together

For Camera Phone Friday with Dawn

1) Coffee while we wait. 2) Errands together 3) The pretzel is back for fall.
4) Found this magazine at Walmart. 5) Free Starbucks 6) Chrismas being promoted already?!

Soul Refreshment: excerpt from Revitalize Your Spiritual Life

"God's dream for our lives has nothing to do with our performance. 
     It has everything to do with our hearts....
When we have come to the end of ourselves, 
    God is waiting to give us a new dream." ~ Sheila Walsh 

*I'm dedicating November's life words to gratitude and dwelling.