{Dwell} :: Gifts in the Unplanned

Ezie's Nose Dive

Dwelling...to sit. So grateful to sit in the unplanned.

The past few days have allowed me privilege to watch God as premier master planner. I'm truly blessed to share His simple rescheduling of my days.

Monday morning surgery at the vet gifted me with Shadow snuggling on my lap all the way home in the afternoon. The wait unwrapped couples time for us in lunch, a walk, and coffee. It gave me the simple joy of popping in to see a sales girl I'd been thinking of. That gifted me with catching up, smiles and laughs.

Monday evening made for family Halloween fun that turned into a sleepover. The unplanned presented late night talks and hanging out filled with yawns. The being together completely over ruled sleep. Eating, laughing, and cleaning up took precedence over work the next day. It was worth staying up. Ooh, and sour candies were the extra for me...lol. 

1) Aye Matey's - Angelica and Captain Jack Sparrow 2) Zorro, Gorilla n his banana
3) 1st Mate Shadow 4) Angelica and Safari Jane

Tuesday, my regular routines were set aside for time with my daughter-in-law and grandson. He's starting to push with those little legs and crawling will soon be the event to follow. He holds himself up pretty well when he's seated. We caught so many photos of him falling left to right and forward. It's so cute and hilarious.

Wednesday was an unplanned nap. I loved it! I really needed it.

Today, my morning call was postponed. After all that happened this week I started to look for gifts in this particular "unplanned".  The hour to myself allowed my heart to quietly ponder and spend gratitude. It was cold, crisp, and drizzling, but I went out on the back deck anyway. Light scarf, favorite beanie, and Shadow curled up and snuggly. 

Soon, Mele and Ezie will be here for another visit. Oh, they just arrived! Better finish up.

The unplanned and unexpected first give reaction to frustration and frenzy. If I just pause for a moment. If I just breathe. Then, I remember He truly does have good plans for me. The unexpected and unplanned are becoming opportunities to seek out and unwrap hidden treasures.

Soul Refreshment:

Psalms 19:11-13  ~ 
There's more: 
     God's word warns us of danger 
and directs us to hidden treasure. 
     Otherwise, how will we find our way? 
Or know when we play the fool? 
     Clean the slate God, so we can start the day fresh!

Your turn:

Look back at your last unplanned and unexpected. 
What treasured gifts are there to be unwrapped? 
It's not too late to seek out the hidden treasures. 

We're jamming on gifts today. come on over to Bonnie's

*I'm dedicating November's life words to dwelling and gratitude.