Refreshing Day 31 ~ Renovations

Update: Post links now included for shared writers below. oops :-)

Welcome to our newly renovated blog home.
Go ahead and take a look around. 

We saved the blog makeover for this last day of our 31 Days of Refreshing. No worries though. All the Refreshing posts have a home in the tabs above.

God has been renovating us as discover, become, refresh, and continue to dream.

We are being refreshed beyond our fears to step into the new and embrace the gifts He's given us to unwrap.

To celebrate, may we share some of the homes we visit often? They welcome us in with faith-filled conversation to build our dreams. We'll share more homes soon. Some will even be activity fun like photography. But, first...

Faith Barista - Bonnie Gray is serving up fresh shots of faith. On Thursdays, writers of all caliber are invited to join in the Jam.

Feed Your Soul::{Day 10} Look at the Stars takes us faith gazing. All you need are your PJs.
Feed Your Soul:: {Day 16) De-perfect encourages us in our imperfections.

Heart to Heart with Holley - Holley Gerth's life words offer every day encouragement for the hearts of women.

It's Time to Kick the Lies Out of Your Life  short post to remind us that God created us with purpose.

5 Things You Can do While You're Waiting - Keeps us mindful of the now while we pursue our dreams.

My Home Sweet Home - Dawn Camp shares her family, faith, and fun with photoshop. 

31 Days of Real Life: You are More than Your Stats (Day 19)
releases us from needing to perform to be accepted.
31 Days of Real Life: What is the Source of Your Joy? (Day 24) refocuses us on internal joys.

We're looking forward to sharing more of God's dreams for us 
in our everyday. 
We can't wait to hear about yours.
Here's to the adventure of unwrapping our days.

~~Are you being renovated? How can you tell?~~

Becoming...Discovering...being Refreshed

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Jennifer said...

Love the renovations!! Perfect way to the end the series! :)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

Oh, thank you Jennifer! I was so nervous at first. I had more and more fun as the month went by. Girl, you are invited over to our home here anytime. Sending you a heartfelt hug ~ Jeri