Refreshing Day 29 ~ God dreams and the Present

Dreams are so forward moving. They sort of whisk you into the future as you ponder all that will become. Ah, dreams. They also require quality investment of your time and energy. 

What about the present?

Okay, time to pause. Feet grounded. The future hasn't happened yet. What about where we're at right now? Spouses, kids, grandkids, dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, jobs...

God dreams live in the present. They are actively creating, growing, and getting ready to bloom here. They are full of passion and wonderful expectation now. Oh the faith it takes to believe and keep at it as you do the daily tasks.

How do we live passionately in the present while we work on at wait for our God dreams to become?

We appreciate being in the right now. We unwrap the joy in each moment. Really see the ones God has placed in our lives, and we express gratitude and love to them today. 

We let the Holy Spirit lead us in the everyday. That's true success. The God dreams ahead will be even sweeter as we remember that His dreams in our today. 

Trust that God ensures our future

Soul Refreshment:

Psalm 27:14 ~

 I'm sure now I'll see God's goodness 
      in the exuberant earth. 
   Stay with God
      Take heart. Don't quit. 
   I'll say it again: Stay with God.

1 Corinthians 7:29 ~

I do want to point out, friends, that time is of the essence. 
     There is no time to waste, so don't complicate your lives unnecessarily. Keep it simple —in marriage, grief, joy, whatever. 
     Even inordinary things—your daily routines of shopping, and so on.

I'd love to hear what you have on your mind?

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