Refreshing Day 22 ~ When You Think It Doesn't Matter

I give my writing and skills to you, Lord. 
As often as I need to.
I write for you. Do what you will with it.

They slip in to read our hearts shared on the page. Quietly, they breathe in the life in each sentence. Full and nourished they slip out without making a noise. I've done this too. It's enough.

I recently had a few people tell me they find just what the need here. I had no idea they even visited. The smile on their faces or the tone of messages others send assures me. 

It does matter that I write. It matters to be real so others know they're not alone. The simple joys matter. The unwrapping my days matters. My chaos and slow flow matters.

I want to encourage you. You may not receive a comment. "Like" may not have been clicked. The number of followers is at a standstill. Yet, souls hungry for joy, hope, direction, connection are nourished by your life-words. It's all they need.

Soul Refreshment:

Psalm 19:14 ~ 

May these words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart 
be pleasing in your sight,
LORD, my Rock, and my Redeemer

Excerpt from A Blogger's prayer - Ann Voskamp

Let me not strive but submit
Let me not complete but care
Let me not desire hits, but holiness
Let me be a follower, not seeking followers

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