Refreshing Day 19 ~ When You Wake Up Tired

From the moment you woke up you felt like you could stay in bed all day. You just want to sleep a little longer.

Your energy is like a Sunday afternoon. Like the whole day already happened and it's time to turn in.

But, it's first thing in the morning! 

If you're like me, you roll over, hug the pillow, and head straight into complain mode:

Uh, I just wanna go back to sleep.
How am I going to get all of this done?
I wish I could just cancel everything today.
I just want to get away from everything.(via Reid)

For whatever reason, lines are longer, traffic is the slowest ever, the work pile seems higher, the noises are louder, the phone just won't stop ringing, and everybody in the world seems to need something from you same...time, 

and if one more person asks one more thing of you....


animated gif how to
Figured by now we needed a laugh ;-)
via Picaison

Feeling that tired is a signal to rest and slow flow. So, take a pause and close your eyes. Breathe in and out slowly. It all seems worse than it is. Fatigue heightens the negative. 

Now look, the list is long, but it's alright. You won't get it all done today. One more time, close your eyes and breathe. What can you put aside until tomorrow? 

One last time. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and think of one person or one thing that makes you smile and give thanks. 

That's what a slow flow is.

Remember that list of complaints? For starters, we can give ourselves permission to get out of bed a little slower. Start the slow flow right then. 

How do you get through these kinds of mornings?
What gets you through the rest of the day?
Wanna share one of your slow flow moments?

Something just came to mind, didn't it?
Do tell :-)

p.s. I just had one of these this very morning. I just had to tell you about it. Poor Reid. I took it out on him. Apologies, forgiveness, and hugs - all good now.

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