Tuning Up, Tuning In...Becoming

I’m becoming a better listener. More in tune. 
It’s a new place for me. I like it here.

I used to hear God only in the absolute quiet....

His comfort...His counsel...His song over me

I’m beginning to hear His voice in the noise...
above all those voices calling, coaxing, and even shouting sometimes. 
“Go do that!” 
“Get involved in that other thing.” 
“This way. No that way”. 
“Dive right in to the day. Do your devotions later.”     

Lately, I often find myself...
and in a little while

I feel a smile wash over me and I know. 
I find focus and direction again

I’m refreshed 

Gratitude fills me 

Love overtakes my soul

I find Him

I find me again

I truly see the ones I love

and I see you too :-) friends

All that Matters is made clear.

I Can't wait to hear about you!

 Times when you feel close to God...
when you feel refreshed...
when all that matters is made clear.

If you wrote about it, leave a link so we can all visit.

I'm sharing with you, Bonnie, and the Faith Jam community today

You're invited to come over and get a fresh shot of faith


Katie said...

I love that you have begun to hear him above the "noise." I love that hearing beyond the noise to hearing God speak.

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by. Quieting, is sweet peace. See you in the communities :-)