Living in my "Nows"

Psalm 119:18 ~ 
Open my eyes so I can see what You show me of your miracle-wonders.

A quick story:

I was on a call with my instructor and she was deep into walking me through some research. As she took me through, her dear friend walked in to her office. He had just gotten married she explained and asked if calling me back in 10 minutes would be okay. I didn't hesitate. "Of course, you go ahead and celebrate him." When she called me back, we had the greatest 2 hour session.

I know the time I get from her is so important to my education. But, I also realized that this was an incredible pause in her day. All in all, I reaped the benefit of her fulfilling pause.

Pauses are celebrations:

These pauses of celebration help to celebrate the nows. There were too many times I missed my right nows and what was right in front of me. We wrote a song a couple of years ago and some of the words are:

"Every body's looking for something new
Missing out on what's been right in front of them the whole time through
Every body's looking for something brighter to color the blues
But, Lord you know that we're looking for You." ~ RagingFire4Christ

Living in my nows brings me so close to God:

I used to think I had to take a vacation away from everything and everyone to get rest. I'm learning in my times with God that I can get a rest anytime of the day. I just have to seek it out and take that precious time. Just before writing this and after writing this I'm taking a pause to let it all take root. Turning off my cell and house phone, closing my laptop, closing up the house, and just being. Just being with Him too.

It's my time to lay all my stresses, worries, doubts and fears at His feet.
It's my time to practice gratitude for all He's done, all He's yet to do.
It's my time to be loved and be filled by it so I can have enough to love others.
It's my time to see my family and friends for who they are and be thankful they are in my life.
It's when I find focus, clarity, creativity, and my "ahas".

Our family has a very present now to share:

Our grandson was born last Tuesday. What a joy. We took the whole week long to just be in that now, pause, and take him and each other in. There's nothing else like children to help you see how important now is. On that note, our dog Shadow does that for me every day.

Let's all take the veil of busyness from our eyes and hearts to pause....
See as children see
Wonder at the little things
Begin to unwrap the moments in our days as gifts.

Joining in the Faith Jam today. Come on over.


Beth in NC said...

Ahhhh. Just being! I love just being ...

Congratulations on the beautiful new grandchild!


Heather said...

What a wonderful post. And congratulations on the wonderful new addition to your family!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

@Beth in NC - so wonderful to meet you. Thank you for the congratulations. I peeked at your blog and must stop by for a full read. God Bless.

@ Heather - Hello friend! Always encouraged to see you here. Thank you for celebrating Ezie with me. God bless.