Influenced, Motivated - Confident, Secure: Choices

So many voices whisper, entice and scream for our attention on a daily basis - what to wear, what to be involved in, who to hang out with, what to eat...on and on and on...

David and I were talking about this over the last few weeks.You can say we were testing our own fruit to see if it was “organic and free of toxins”.

Are our motives mixed or pure?
Why do we make the decisions we do?
Who are we allowing to influence the steps we take?
Do we let the opinions of others affect our choices?
Are we trying to fit in or needing to be accepted?

Is  there anything going on in our lives that might be affecting my  decisions?

Other factors that may affect our decisions:
Moods, offense/hurt, pain, fear of failing, judgement, rejection, status = irrational choices (unfulfilling, especially when failed)
Faith, being genuine, compassion, peace, truth, maturity, thought through, prayer = rational choices (fulfilling even when failed)
Sometimes our choices cause loss - friends, groups, activities that were unfulfilling. But, usually and often bring realized gains and blessings - new friends, groups, and activities that are fulfilling.

Confidence comes from knowing that the choice was ours. 
Even if the choice we make brings failure or causes a mess, we can stand secure in it.


We can look back and learn from it, grow in it, be strengthened and matured by it
As long as the choices come from who we genuinely are and what we truly stand for.

Proverbs 21:8 Mixed motives twist life into tangles; pure motives take you straight down the road.
Spending time with God helps to give us a peace or a “know that we know” solidity to make the hard decisions. It doesn’t always “feel” good, but we know it’s right. 

We pray for all of us to be influenced and motivated by who God made us to be, what He’s called us to do and His love for us, so we can stand confident and secure in what, who, and how we choose. 

Even when we make mistakes.

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Bonnie Gray said...

Making mistakes is the biggest challenge to choose to draw near to God. Our confidence does take a nose dive if we feel so guilty -- and the encouragement you've added here is to go back to God. Thank you for another jam, Jeri!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

Bonnie your words always teach me more. Thank you for encouraging me. Can't wait for more shots of faith! :D

Lindsay said...

What I love about your blog, Jeri, is that it is evolving so beautifully into a blog that truly reflects all of you. I love watching the growth and discoveries and being a part of the answers you find along the way!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

Thank You so much Lindsay :D You are a huge inspiration and encouragement. I am truly blessed to know you.