Sustainable living - Organizing the site

Hope you all have awesome weekend plans and if not, take some mini retreats throughout your day. Just a few deep breaths, picturing your favorite spot and a good ceiling stretch really does amazing things.

Just wanted to let you know we'll be doing some organizing on the blog this weekend. 1) So if you see something appear, disappear, then reappear - apologies in advance. 2) Some things will be under a new tab link as well. We hope to finish it all by Sunday. 3) Some things that were under tabs will have to be set as blog posts in order to be labeled under a tab link. So it'll seem like re-posts to some of you.

Most of all...thanks for your patience while we work on all of this.
It's exciting to finally get this done.
Special thanks to Whitney Lauritsen of Ecovegangal for sharing the blog "how-to" and for all she does to share on sustainable living.

 This will help us declutter the site. It fits so well into our whole "sustainable living" series :D

God Bless.