Leslie Ashburn – Macrobiotic Chef, Whole Foods Sensei and Community Activist

These past few months I’ve been privileged to meet so many wonderful people making a difference here in Hawaii, on the mainland, and all over the world. I’d like to introduce you to one of them. This amazing woman is changing the health and lives of hundreds of people. Meet Leslie Ashburn owner of Macrobiotic Hawaii.

Leslie has set out to teach everyone possible how to have healthy balance in every area of life. Where food is concerned, she wants us to know that healthy eating does not have to be boring at all. It is flavorful, fun, and adds quality to our lives. “What makes me feel good, is that in eating a diet that is plant-based, close to the source, local, and organic whenever possible, that we are doing good for our bodies, for the Earth, and fighting the corporate food system.”
The power of being in tune:
Leslie says that, “When we choose to avoid processed and refined ingredients that lead to chronic illness we feel so much better, physically, emotionally, and morally as well. We always have a choice in what we put into our bodies, and by starting to connect how we eat with how we feel and our value system, then we can achieve great health and happiness. Understanding the energetics of food is another layer of freedom and empowerment!"
Balanced living:
When she is not teaching or on personal chef duty, Leslie attends conferences. She is wise enough to surround herself with empowering coaches and people to better herself and her profession. It’s not all work for her. She knows just how to balance all that giving by taking care of herself by running, hiking, yoga and going to the beach. She makes sure to nurture her friendships with some hanging out time too. If she’s not already amazing enough, this adventure girl is into motorcycles, mountain bikes and horseback riding!
Heart for community and food activist:
Leslie shares her heart: “Community, democracy, and fair food are very important to me and I support Kokua Market's efforts to reach out to the public about co-op principles and the unique niche the store serves in the community because of its business structure. Part of my role is helping to organize fun and educational events such as free farm tours, movie nights with films educating the public about food and sustainability, bike repair workshops, and cooking demonstrations.” She also plans vegan and macrobiotic meet-ups and events (see below for links).

Make that change:
“My observation is that community is fundamental to making a change toward a healthier lifestyle. I would encourage people to make friends with others who lead a similar lifestyle to have this support. 

It's also important to look carefully at one's belief systems to find beliefs that are limiting them from moving forward, identifying how strong 'health' is in their overall value system, and committing to clearing the emotional component.”
Check it out:
You can learn more about Leslie’s background, training, see past and upcoming events/classes, and other services she offers by visiting:
Leslie's website at Macrobiotic Hawaii.
Leslie on: 
TwitterFacebook, and her blog - Naturally.