New Lifestyle, New Fun

I didn't realize how much fun a vegan lifestyle would be. Like I mentioned before, I look forward to waking up now. I just feel good. There's still much healing going on, but I feel so good.

Bags of Groceries, Nutrition Class, and Progress

We are reorganizing the kitchen and it's been so fun. The new storage containers. All the great pantry foods. All the bags of yummy good stuff waiting for their permanent home. It's so great. I have the whole family reading the bottom of storage containers to make sure their safe...very cool. New saucepans and my brand new cast iron pan that takes me back to childhood. Fun, fun, fun.

My plant-based nutrition class is so great. T. Colin Campbell lectures are way awesome. He's done so much. Everyday, I share all I get from the class with my family. I'm so amazed at how much we have no clue about. Why isn't all this info made into commercial spots like they do for fast food chains or "the" toy of the month.

You just can't keep me quiet. I really need to learn how to blog so I can get the message out a peaceful, loving, and caring way mixed with so much interesting info and resources.

Saturday marks the end of my 4th week. It went by so fast. I'm still dealing with a sensitive stomach, but I'm not giving up. I'm getting better and better everyday. Sometimes the improvements in other areas are so sudden and sometimes they take awhile. Nontheless, progress is very evident.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jeri, Great pics of your family & Shadow. My sister went vegetarian after she had an incurable immune system disease. I have used my cast iron frying pan for 46 years. May our Lord continue to give you grace and many blessings! Kathie

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My cast iron frying pan is 10 1/2" across and 2" deep which is perfect for stir-fry. You can also get a 3 1/2" deep one, but it is just too heavy. Cast iron is great because it gives you additional iron from just sauteeing your veggies. I also use Paul Revere's stainless steel cookware.

Jeri @ GodsDreamsForMe said...

Thanks for your emails Kathie. Can't wait to get my big cast-iron pan. I'm excited. and you're right about nonstick and teflon. We don't use those at all. I love getting your emails and messages.