Happy Spring and new deck furniture

Happy 1st day of Spring. It's been rainy and cold here in Hawaii, but God has brought us the most beautiful day to kick of the new season. We had an ono brunch to celebrate the Great American Meatout today...Tofu Scramble, breakfast links (no meat), and Terry Walters - Clean Food onolicious Baby Bok Choy and Chickpeas with Cashews. Vegan life is sooooo ono.

Our deck furniture came in today. Yay. We love to bible study on the back deck and have our meals there. I love to go out there and just breathe in the air, listen to the wind, watch the trees slow dance. Watching the clouds move across the sky and change shapes is the best. I tell our dog what the shapes are and what they're shifting to and he just looks at me with those cute eyes and "stitch ears" (Lilo and Stitch). Back to the subject of the new furniture...now we can have our meals out there too. So romantic.

My husband is making us an awesome pizza to celebrate the Great Amercian Meatout/my 1mo. vegan/superhero celebration. Mmm. I smell the smells. Oh, gotta go. I'm making the veggies.

Happy Spring, Happy Great American Meatout, and God Bless You so you can bless others.
Jeri - Oahu