31 Days of Refreshing

A Refreshing Adventure:

I started writing on the topic of refreshing because I desperately need some. It was at the last minute that I jumped in and joined up with the other 31 dayers.

The topics are filled with what I'm finding refreshes me. My hubby David popped in a few times too.

Pick and choose a day or read them all. It's up to you. Our prayer is you find your own unique refreshment that God has for you in your every day.

Day 17 ~ Letting Him Set My Pace
Day 27 ~ They Shower Me with Grace

A few of my fave 31 Day writers

Bonnie's shots of faith
truly feed our hungry souls.

Dawn's got all kinds
of real life going on.
Just like us.
Emily's posts ignites
your spirit to
change your world.

Jessica shares ides
and resources for memory keeping


Praying for Darlene & her family
in the loss of her father.
posts end at Day 19.

31 Day Community of Writers in 2011
Find them 31 here.