Slow Flowing the Holidays

I can already feel it in everyone I’ve been able to talk with; here comes the holiday rush

Fortunately, not for the Taira’s. The last 4 years has challenged and blessed me to "slow flow" living. It helps that it’s doctors’ orders. 
I love it when I’m in center of that flow. Yet, I frustrate myself when I step out of it. 

Learning to stop and see what he sees

In celebrating the old traditions, I pray for the mindfulness to breathe in each moment and embrace the ones I love and who love me finding gratefulness for it all. 

Learning to take time for fun

We’re also creating new sustainable traditions this year
Our first year in vegan/vegetarian foods. 
Our first year to choose the few gatherings that will fill and uplift us. 
Our first year to simplify the holidays, as much as possible, leaving room for enjoying each other to the fullest. 
We still have 29 days to discover and celebrate more firsts. How exciting!

Every year gets better and better
This year, I’m finding more and more of God in me, in those around me, and in all of you. It’s so amazing. 
Everyday, I see more of Him and discover more of His amazing love. 
His compassion in me for myself, others, and every living creature takes me on adventures I could have never imagined. 

Learning to stop and take notice

I pray this holiday season, for each one of us to find fulfillment in all the creative and unexpected ways He has specially chosen for each one of us. 
I pray we’ll take it with us through each day and the year ahead. 

Learning to cut out the unnecessary and make room

What are you hoping for in this Christmas?

Shout it out in the comments and then share it with someone in person.

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Heather said...

I am looking to get reacquainted with my family. As my kids grow, change - and my husband matures into ..... middle age... :-) I want us to reconnect, what are our dreams - how have they changed. Take time to step back and see the uniqueness of each of us as we have changed over the past years. We have been living shoulder to shoulder here, but get busy. i want to slow it down so we can appreciate the changes in each other as they happen, support each other with joy, love and acceptance.

Book of Ruth said...

I love your perspective...a season of firsts and an appreciation of calm.

I suppose my own Christmas wish is very embrace peace and increase my devotion in this holy time.

Lindsay Wolf said...

Love this Teri. Yet again, you have reset my internal clock to slow flow time. :)

The number one thing I'm looking forward to is being with my family. I miss them so much over here on the west coast and can't wait to be with them in 2 weeks! Counting down the days... slowly... :)

Unknown said...

I so appreciate what you all have to share. It expands my perspective even more. Isn't amazing how we all crave to slow down? I'm so glad to be in this together with you all.

Cheryl Allen Salinas said...

Jeri -- You are very inspiring! I can close my eyes and take a deep breath now -- thanks!

You know what I am noticing that I love? You are slowing down and weeding out, yet you still take the time in a soul-feeding way to spread your blessings to all of us -- your readers! Like ripples in a pond!

Unknown said...

@Cheryl - Thank you for encouraging my spirit. I'm even more thankful to God that my life's ups and downs really can be a blessing.