The Colors Between Black and White

pajama days are a must
The black and white is that I'm sick. The grey is only knowing the symptoms and having no known cause.

The black and white is that I'm mostly housebound. The grey is in how much my immune system can withstand a crowd or an outing.

The black and white is what we've discovered for healing so far. The grey is in all the little things like foods, environment, and lifestyle that we now test to see effect. 

The black and white is that I'm exhausted. The grey is in sporadic energy bursts.

Oh, but the colors. These are what make the hard days worth journeying. God's love warms me and reminds me how full of color this season is. All the colorful wrapping I get to tear off His everyday gifts for me. The iridescent small wonders that surprise. The rich vibrant little joys that greet me. Even in the chaos.

The unplanned schedules.
The forced rest.
The slowing down.
The 'at my own pace'.

All these are gifting me with discovering creative ways to live life fully as best as I can. No comparing.
I would never have discovered photography, writing, new ways of cooking, or new foods. 
I would've never realized how much I love and thrive in solitude. 

A day out and about...just the 3 of us

The peace I unwrap in these slow days. 
Trusting God in new ways.
The encouragers that speak into my heart. 

Comfortable silence...never would've thought I'd like it! Even crave it.

Time for reflection and devotions.

The friends I've made online and in my neighborhood ... My favorite playgrounds. 
Books and sitting still.
And really noticing, being in the moment.

Nothing is perfect here in our home. We have more challenges than we'd  like. But, love for each other is being strengthened. Being challenged to live out of my inner-man calm.

Can I ask that you keep praying for my health and well-being? I'll definitely be praying for you all as well. I praise God for your friendship here. So thankful for you all.

May I encourage you to see the colors in your season? Let the hues and shades fill your days with gratitude and love.

Even while I write this, Shadow is next to me as always.