Thoughts for the Weekend ~ Slow Changes

Classes start next week. I've resumed writing articles. Now the life changes start -- what to let go of, what continues, what ends to make fresh space for the new. Making changes has effect on relationships as well.

It used to be so hard when something new was added to my plate. I'd get all riled up and I'd take as much of my family with me as I could too. Sometimes I'd forget I didn't have to do it all. Once in awhile I still do.

I sat with Jesus when all of this "new"were only opportunities. I began to realize what was no longer needing to be a part of my activities. That was hard too. Truth is the "no longer" isn't part of His plan for me. If I hold on to those, they will lose value and drain the life out of me.

Confession: It doesn't make it any easier to release. 

I sat with Jesus again and this time, I grieved. I grieved the bittersweet of the relationships I'll no longer be connected with on a daily basis. I grieved the things I won't be able to be a part of anymore. I lingered here and slowly let it go.

Then...I thanked Him for all the new people I'd be connecting with. I celebrated the coming adventure. I let myself get excited for the grace of new opportunities that have become reality.

After all that...I held in my heart how all those "no longers" added to who I had become. He knew what He was doing. It was to get me here. Gratitude fills me and fuels me on for my new. I'll be lingering here for good long while.

On the physical side of things, I'll be mindful of rest and taking care of me well in other ways. I'll be aware to slow and pause often so it all doesn't wear me out. The new takes getting used to. I want to welcome it right and keep my joy. Grace towards myself for the mishaps - definitely.

With You in Mind:

I've been praying for us all as life changes come. I've prayed that we learn to sit with Him often so it doesn't sneak up on us. That we'll rest in His timing of it when to let go and when to begin anew.

Are you going through similar life changes? Are you withstanding the changes all by yourself?
Will you change that and sit with Jesus? He wants to support and encourage you through it all.

Soul Food:
Jeremiah 2:25 ~ Slow down. Take a deep breath. 
                       What's the hurry? Why wear yourselves out? 
                            What are you after anyway?

p.s. there will probably be a few subtle changes here too. Good ones though.