Refreshing Day 6 ~ Food for Your Soul

Overwhelmed ~

In one hour's time I had managed to:

  • break our new blender 
  • burn a plastic cover on the stove top, thereby filling the house with an unpleasant aroma
  • spilled over two pots of fresh beans. 
  • On top of that, I had woken up in the morning feeling as if I'd never been to bed... 

Wait there's more ~

The dog still needed to be fed and his healing paws tended to. Two overdue projects, a paper, and my reading assignment were all waiting for attention. Class was in the afternoon.

It all pours over ~

Out of nowhere, some of the challenges our family is facing raced through my mind...

Right away I dial David. No answer at either phone. By now I'm on the floor, phone in hand, ready to cry. Truly, a good cry can be very therapeutic. But the tears wouldn't come.

Soul Hunger ~

I didn't even realize my eyes had closed and I was automatically breathing in and out deeply. My thoughts went straight to "Help me, God. I really need you." I didn't know how He was going to help me get from that feeling of disaster.

Food for my soul ~

I got up slowly, found my bible and walked over to the couch. I found myself hugging my bible and whispering a prayer of trust for His help. Silence eased me. I just stayed in that place, head bowed on my folded hands. So quiet. So peaceful. A sweetness came. I could still "feel" that disastrous feeling, but the sweetness was so warm. 

Midday Snacks ~

The day called for ongoing pauses and continuously finding time to feed my soul despite the disasters. The need for remembering that the gifts of little joys and uplifting relationships need to be unwrapped. 

Surprise! Just as I wrote that last sentence, Shilo showed up to visit. I really needed that hug.

Did I mention this all just happened yesterday morning? Yup! It turned out to be a great day.

Refreshing soul food ~

Joel 2: 23 - 24 (Message bible)

Be glad in your God.
He's giving you a teacher
   to train you how to live right—
Teaching, like rain out of heaven, showers of words
   to refresh and nourish your soul, just as he used to do. 

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The Wild Optimist said...

Visiting from the Faith Barista's place and so glad I did! I enjoyed hearing about your day, and how prayer changed it. That's really all that one needs to hear, isn't it? Thank you for being that voice today.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Jeri, I'm working hard today to remember to take the time to relax and bask in His presence, even though my flesh would rather sink into a pity party! Love your heart!

Lisa notes... said...

I love how God can turn a day around. I have had those kinds of hours in my week too. I told my husband last night that I think I finally have my mood stabilized again. ;-)

Katie said...

Jeri, so encouraging to read this today. I have had days like this also. When I remember to stop and connect with God then all does really get better. I just don't always do that.

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

@wild optimist, @Jennifer, @Lisa, @Katie - Thank you for sharing yourselves too. You know women are. I felt my shoulders relax and I let out a sigh of "they get me".

Thanks for bringing your love over to me today.

Katie said...

And guess what... I had a day like this today at work.... and I remembered your post, so I kept praying and stealing moments. :)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

Oh good. I'm so thankful my craziness is

Bonnie Gray said...

Wow, Jeri. How neat is this! Our series are interweaving on food for the soul and refreshing rest. ;)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

@Bonnie - I noticed that! It is exciting...eep!