Weekender Funnies - My Dad’s first smartphone

Scenario: Dad gets his first smart phone for Father’s Day and our family plan requires email.
Dad: “What is email?” “What’s that?”
Jeri: “The “e” stands for electronic. It’s electronic mail Dad. You know how I write you a letter and send it through the post office? The mailman delivers it to you right?”
Dad: “Yeeeaah...”(sounding uncertain)
Jeri: “Well, email is sent to you through a computer or your cellphone!”
Dad: “Oh. Okay.”
Jeri: “Good.”
Dad: “But, I thought you made me a "g" mail?
He cracks me up! We're still sorting it all out. Ha! Ha! 
Celebrating My Dad and All of You Amazing Fathers:
My dad is great because he laughs at himself. He’s always in my corner. We can talk about anything...fun, deep, everyday stuff. He let’s me pray for him. Being a child of divorce, I’m so thankful He and I stayed in touch and grew this close. 
To one of my best friends - Dad, to my amazing father-in-law, to my awesome husband, to You, Father God, and to all of you Dad’s everywhere...
Happy Father’s Day. 
A difficult holiday for some:

Please know, if it’s a difficult holiday day for you, it once was for my Dad too. It took many years and now, we talk all the time! During that quiet period, he found many youngsters to mentor and fill the void. 

If you're without your Dad this year, my heart is with you too. While my father was absent, my grandfather became my Dad and role model. He passed all too soon. I celebrate His life of pouring wisdom and unconditional love into mine. You see He's my mom's step father. He was always there for me. He's never met David, but they are exactly alike! That void has been filled in more ways than I can list.
I celebrate you who may not be close with your children or Father. I celebrate you living each day. You’re amazing! You’re thought of. You matter. Thank you for being on this earth.
Praying peace, love, comfort and finding new joys to fill the voids in our hearts on this Father’s Day 2011. God Bless each and everyone of us.

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Bonnie Gray said...

Hi Jeri - I hope you are well, friend.Everything okay? :) Thank you for that funny. It DID make me laugh. And oh, then you poured an encouraging brew. Thank you, friend! Happy Father's Day weekend to your family!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

Hi Bonnie! So great to be back in the Jam this week. Started online classes and now writing for 2nd online food & nutrition column. So fun! I'll be sure to Jam as often as I can. I've been keeping up with your posts. So uplifting. Much love to you. Hope your weekend was amazing!