Body Healing, Spirit Alive!

Isaiah 38:16 -
"My spirit is still alive - fully recovered with a fresh infusion of life!"

My body is taking it’s time healing after those two viruses wreaked havoc and my normal digestive healing. All the while, my spirit is being refreshed and infused with new life. I slow-flow into daily activities.
I am so amazed at how being with God and leaning in on Him is transforming my spirit, soul, mind, and living. 

The Change:
I’m seeking out the simple joys in my every day and in my loved ones. Recognizing “the one” who gives those joys as a gift to me, and allowing the fullness of it all to heal. 
The Healing:
Being mindful of my every day gifts is healing the want. The want for things material and physical. I see. I see Him in it all. I see Him in others. I throw up my hands and shout for joy. Now, I see. As long as I mindfully recognize, I will continue to heal and become.
The Rest and Refreshment:
As I meditate on His perfect love for me, I’m beginning to love myself as He created me. I trust Him as He is transforming me - more compassion, balanced selflessness, speaking and writing life words, practicing gratitude daily. I hold on tightly to the grace of those simple joys and they become my ammo in the challenges. 
Ah, yes. Challenges. Challenges to be met and overcome. So I can become. So, I say with Isaiah, “My spirit is still alive - fully recovered with a fresh infusion of life!” 

My prayer is for us all to become, in rest. 

How are you resting lately? Do share :D

My spirit is being nurtured with Bonnie Gray & the Faith Jam family over at Faith Barista.
Join in anytime.


Cheryl Allen Salinas said...

Ahh! I'm glad you are healing -- makes me happy! Great post, as always.

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

@Cheryl - Oh, me too. Slowly and wonderfully. Thank you for your prayers. How are you finding rest these days?

penguinsandladybugs said...

So I see....we seek out, we become mindful, and we rest and trust in Him. My spirit IS still alive!!! Nice post!!!

Lisa notes... said...

"seeking out simple joys"

That is one way I've been trying to find "rest" these days too. Taking time to sit outside daily. Watch the ducks. Feel the breeze. listen to the birds. All gifts from God.

Glad you are feeling better!

Sheryl said...

Being mindful---such a powerful way to think. When I think about what I already have and how I've been blessed it certainly does quiet the voices of the I-Wants.

Glad you're feeling better and back on the jam.

Dwayne said...

This is great for spirit to re-energize. Very helpful and puts things in perspective.

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

Hey 'lil bro :D Yes it does! I have to remind myself to do so all the time. Getting to be way of life now. So peaceful.