You Only Live Once - Moments

We were on our way to spend time with David’s Dad and Mom at the hospital. We had so much to do in this day. Oh, I desired more than anything to slow flow and let go. Ginny Owens “Live Once” played on my iPod. It’s now my anthem for the year. While I listened and prayed, the beautiful thoughts below danced in my head. I slowly began to smile and breathe deeply again. 

I love how they are always smiling

It’s not just about making the most of each moment. It’s about who we are up to and in each of those moments. That is what truly refreshes the soul and lifts the spirit.
Being at ease instead of rushing.
Trusting instead of grasping and striving.
Grace instead of quarreling and our rights.
Contentment and thankfulness instead of keeping up with the Joneses.
Refreshing others instead of only focusing on ourselves.

Mindfulness is being in the moment. It’s a privilege to be in that very moment with those specific people. Even in a difficult situation, mindfulness is choosing what to focus on.
Who are we choosing to be up to and in our “moments”? I pray we allow ourselves times of refreshing so we can in turn be of refreshment to others.
I realized I didn’t have to think about the next moment. I was on a drive with David and were going to see people we love. Wanna know something funny? Keith Urban's "Days Go By" followed after. Talk about God sending a message. 

Can you see me smiling?
We were at a stop, really :D (camera phone)
Best family ever!

Chorus - (*this line changes after every verse):
Well, you only live once so you better think twice
This day will go before you know so don’t waste your time
*When you’re standing on a cloud or when you’re falling on the ground
You’ve gotta find something to sing about
*When you’re lost inside yourself and you can’t find your way out
You’ve gotta find something to sing about
*At the end of the day when you lay your head down
You’ve gotta have something to sing about


Cheryl Allen Salinas said...

I love your posts -- so inspiring always! Ginny Owens! "If You Want Me To" brought me through a very difficult time about 10 years ago. I love how God gives us what we need in such moments, often in the form of music. What a blessing to be open to receive Spirit! Thanks!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

@Cheryl A.S. - He always finds ways to encourage us. I'm continuously amazed and very grateful. Thank you :D

Vegan Flower said...

Lovely, inspiring post! You guys are the best!

Lindsay said...

Beautiful! Thank you for this Jeri! I just remembered to breathe and not wolf down my salad!! :) haha

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

@Molly - your comments always fill me.
@Lindsay - LOL :D I had to remind myself today as well. Everything still got done, slowly, but it all got done.