Adopting Reese, Chinese, and Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone, meet Reese. We adopted her as a family. 
We're so proud and excited to do so.

 Mom and Dad treated everyone to Chinese for Thanksgiving lunch.

The whole family minus myself and my niece.

Our Awesome Family

The Three Amigos - if I could only tell you the crazy things these three used to do - LOL.
our nephew, Shilo (our oldest), Reid (our youngest)

David's brothers in law and his sisters - I love these people.
 I felt better in the afternoon, so I put together a quick Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner for us. It was a hit!
Daiya Cheese bean and Spinach in pastry shell
Breaded Rosemary Gardein Scallopini's
Field Roast Smoked Apple Sausage
Wild Mushroom Gravy (box)
Roasted Maple Butternut Squash
(Will share recipes later in the week.)

Watching my soy intake so no scallopini for me.
Fork mashed field roast apple sausage and gravy
It was soooo delicious.

My body may feel lousy right now, but it's temporary.
My spirit is on a high with the love of family, compassion for others, and our new lifestyle of slow flow. 
That's forever!!!

Hope your Thanksgiving celebrations were just as wonderful. 

What did you all do to celebrate? If you wrote a blog on it, feel free to share your link in the comments.


Heather said...

LOVE the cute!! Thanks for posting the photos - what a great family :-). your posts always make me smile.

Amanda @ Vegacious said...

Love it! Can't wait to see the recipes! :)

Cheryl Allen Salinas said...

Jeri -- everything looks so delicious! I hate to think of you feeling badly. I'll send some good energy your way . . .http//

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

Hi ladies! you all make me smile. I loved reading all your celebrations as well. Totally lifted me up!