Are the Lakers God's Team? =0)

When the Lakers fought the Celtics for the NBA Championship this season I found myself praying to God and putting faith in... the team.  When Kobe chased the ball down and the last seconds ticked off the clock I was so excited, I felt like Balki doing the Happy Dance of Joy.

Right after Lakers won game in playoffs

Looking back now, it was really my faith in God, not my faith in the Lakers, that let me enjoy that moment of sheer happiness.  I know that He provides everything else in my life... the vital, important things... that allow me these simple, really silly in the big picture, pleasures in life.

Think about it... how much could I enjoy the Lakers on TV if I didn't have food, shelter and clothing?  I know that I am saved, forgiven and loved by God!  He gave me Jeri, our sons... and Shadow.  I have a great job and career.  Without these things nothing else would matter.

And how about the cool, understanding wife who tolerates me being a fanatic (as the season starts up again in a few days  =0)?   

Yup! Jeri's Suns lost to my Lakers - all in good fun :-)
If not for Him taking care of all my (HUGE) needs I wouldn’t even be able to enjoy the (not really) huge things that make me happy.

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Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

When will we ever learn to put our faith in God first and all the time, right? :D Truth - when I do, I am much more at peace and happier because I know He can, when I can't and He wants to.

Your post reminds me to invite God into my everyday moments.

God likes basketball too. Especially, if it's the Suns or Mavs...LOL