No Room For Worry in My Hearts' Home

Freedom comes as I practice not giving worry any of the rooms in my hearts’ home - not even a pillow! :D

I worry about the economy, our sons, our futures - finding
a quiet place to reflect on all that is right in my world
centers me again.

Instead of worry, focus on blessings
practice trusting in God by
praying right away.

How does worry even find it’s way into my day. It creeps itself into my sacred moments of quiet comfort and blissful joy. Sometimes I freak. Other times I cry, but for the most part I really am letting go. I'm not doing it by myself either. I learn from great people.

I’m learning that worry is over-concern about things I can’t do anything about. It’s a bunch of worthless what if’s. What if - I run out of time...they don’t like work isn’t good enough...something happens? Before I know it, I’m missing the beauty and blessings in my life any more. It can even make me physically ill

How I let go of worryI don't have it down pat yet

I’m practicing healthy concern by going straight to God and praying about it, talking with people I trust and letting them help me see more clearly, going for a walk to clear my head. Then, I realize I can only do what I can.

I choose to enjoy my everyday life and not let worry rob me of my time and joys. 

I’m filling the rooms in my heart with the love, gratefulness, joy, hope, and dreams. No room for worry! 

Enjoying my encouragers
Living grateful
Celebrating the little joys

My top worry:

My top worry is growing old and having accomplished nothing with my life. So, one thing I'm doing is living my life each day doing one thing to make my loved ones feel honored. 
My favorite ways are : A "for no reason" kiss or hug...and on "on purpose" - "thank you for taking my dish to the sink", "I'm so blessed you're in my life".

A verse that helps me

Psalm 94:18-19 The minute I said "I'm slipping, I'm falling,"
your love God took hold and held me fast. When I was beside myself, You calmed me down and cheered me up.

Your turn:
How do you let go of worry? If not, how can you start letting go of worry?

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From Bonnie:

Next week’s 9/30 Topic: Discovering God’s Purpose For Me
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Debbie said...

I love the analogy that freedom comes by not giving worry any of the rooms in your heart's home...not even the pillow. It seems for me the times when worry tries to creep in are at night when I'm tired...when I'm laying on my pillow. Yes, that is when I'm weak and the one place worry thinks it can sneak in. So be especially protective of your pillow!
I also love you honesty in saying you don't have it down pat. But you seem to have the right concept. You can't lose when you are going straight to God and praying about it. Then doing those other things as you process it are great ways to keep you on the right track. Love it!!!

Lindsay said...

Beautiful Jeri. I was doing so much worrying yesterday over an issue I had no control over, and you're right - worry doesn't help anything. When I get like that, I like to say "so what?" to myself as a way of freeing my mind and cheering myself on. It's a tough practice though!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

@Debbie - isn't so true that when we're tired we're the most vulnerable? So glad you reminded me of that.

@Lindsay - I like that - having a fall back phrase or thought to free my mind and cheer myself on. Yes!

Marisa said...

So true that the worry creeps in on my own pillow. I had insomnia this morning due to worry, got up early, checked in on my friends online, and found this post. :-) Thanks for your wisdom and positive spirit!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

Hi Marisa - i totally teared up when I got your message. I relate to the sleeplessness. It's all too familiar.

Just yesterday I took out my book "Breaking The Worry Habit... Forever" by Elizabeth George.

It's good to have your "ammunition" when you need it.

I'm so grateful to be one of your "online friends". God Bless and praying for all of us to roll those worry balls to Jesus' feet and trust Him to show us how to rest in that trust.

Email me anytime girl.