Making an Itty Bitty Impact with a Green Wedding - Part 3

Hand painted signs add their personal touch
As part of their green wedding plans, Mike and Tonia had their honeymoon on beautiful Kauai

They have made it a green honeymoon by staying at the vacation home of friends and by cooking most of their meals. Don't grimace yet, they do have plans for dining out. 

They are making it even greener and helping our economy by shopping at a local farmer's market they've located ahead of time. This in turn rewards them with fresher and better tasting produce.
It's good practice to "shop where you stay" when on trips. You can shop where they sell local produce - grocers, farmer's markets, and health food stores. You can also shop where the sell local retail and wholesale items.
What I appreciate most about Mike and Tonia is their pre-planning. It allowed room for when things didn't go as planned so they still had time to make changes. I call that sustainable planning and living.
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