GodsDreamsForMe and Transitions - Taking it to a Slow Flow

David and I are experiencing both transitions and stand stills in God's dreams for us. It's a wonderful place to be and difficult too. 

We want to plunge ahead and God's saying, "Slow flow, David and Jeri...slow flow kids". 

Even here at our blog, God has really solidified in us where we’re at right now. I love that! We’re making some changes that will reflect our focus and hearts. We pray you’ll enjoy the progress of those changes with us. 

So the stand still has actually blessed us... to pause, breathe, and see more clearly.

Transitioning to a new lifestyle

Slowing down and taking notice
God leading me to a vegan diet so I could be well again
Caring for God’s gift of this planet
Deeper connection to God as my Father and His love for me

I’m finding me...
What I stand for
What drives me
Who and what lifts me up
Renewed connection to God’s creation
All I love to do
All that truly matters in my life

I’m connected to God’s dreams for me...

Writing that says who I am
My music
Meeting Big Dreamers
Sharing God’s love in the way He’s called me to

I’m enjoying discovering new things...

Caring for God’s gift of this planet
New foods like baby radishes, black rice, and Ume vinegar - Yum!
Baking, cooking, soaking beans
I enjoy researching and sharing about environment, vegan living
connecting others to the resources we find

Now it's your turn. 

Are you experiencing transitions and stand-stills? What are you discovering?


I want to thank Bonnie Gray of Faith Barista for organizing Faith Barista Jam Thursdays. This weeks topic of God-sized dreams being stalled is so timely for us Taira’s. 

Check it out and be encouraged if you feel your dreams are at a stand still. You’ll find it really isn’t.

You’re invited to join in at Bonnie’s site next Thursday, September 23 for more faith building. Follow the banner for full explanation of what it’s all about.


Bonnie Gray said...

Hi Jeri! I felt healthy just looking at you with your vegan "bar", serving it up. ;) May you be encouraged as you transition and move into a new lifestyle... and yes, a slow flow it is! Great to have your voice in the jam!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

Aw, thank you so much Bonnie. It's a privilege to "Jam" with you all.