Sugar Daddy!?!? (DYK)

DYK coconut sugar may just be the sweetener YOU have been looking for?

It has been reported to have a low glycemic index weighing in at a paltry 35. To add to its swagger, this sweetie is jam packed with vitamins and minerals. As if it needed more, this total package even tantalizes some well known players into its fan base with a delicate, rich flavor that simply cries “O-M-G!” In an almost unfair, ruthless blow, this exotic brown enticer flaunts the eco-appeal of being a highly sustainable agricultural product. "No mas" you cry? With a debonair, slightly smirk-ish grin it allows your eyes to catch glimpse of its sleek, svelte price tag ($4.99/lb is what I saw at the local Whole Foods). All the faint voice in your head can do is mutter “oh no it di’int…”

Give it a try. Check for it at your local health food stores. Further digging around the web revealed that it is also available via many places online. As it appears that it is relatively new to mainstream USA, do some research in what you may be purchasing. Coconut sugar (aka coco palm sugar) is a palm sugar … but not all palm sugars are coconut sugar. A bit confusing huh?  If you go back and click the link it will clear it up a bit.  Not that the others are bad or not as tasty but the studies I mentioned are specifically for the coconut variety. Have fun experimenting with this possible future sweetness star… and of course report back and share with the rest of us!



Jazz Siebert said...

Yeah...i saw this at my friends house and got SO excited its exists!! woohoo!

Lindsay said...

So cool Jeri - I'll have to try it out! :)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

This is a very cool post Honey! Such an awesome job with all the info.

I love the caramelly flavor ...mmm good.

Dave said...

thanks for the feedback jazz & lindsay!

thanks sweetie! looking forward to using it more in the future... dang, i didn't know all these things about coconuts... it's been fun learning about these things with you.