We Are Back... and A trip op in one week...wow!

We missed u all.  Don't quite have everything organized enough for a blog yet, but did want to at least say Hello :D  The wonderful thing is that we're still moving slow and trying to keep that flow going.  I feel refreshed and awesome!  Let's just say that the whole retreat/staycation did not go as planned in any way, shape, or form and it still worked out great.  Shadow ended up being with us the whole time so plans completely changed.  We'll blog on that later.  We have an opportunity to go on a trip for 2 weeks - amazing!  Not sure yet, but will definitely let you all know.  For now...

While we were gone, my article for Seashine Magazine was published and I really wanted to share it with you all.  Whitney D'Armond did some edits for me and I love it!  God is really allowing me to learn writing through so many different opportunities.  Husband and Wife team, Andrew and Whitney D'Armond, are founders and creators of Seashine Magazine.  It's so awesome that they have this project together and share it with us all.  It is an awesome place covering DIY, adopt a dog, God, get involved and more!  The fact that they are not vegan and allowed me to share my story really touched me.  What awesome, welcoming people.

(Husband and Wife team - Andrew and Whitney D'armond founders/creators of Seashine Magazine)

My biggest writing dream has come true in writing for this specific kind of publication.  My second writing dream is coming true as well and I will share more on that later as well.  Just an FYI as you read it...there are some light hyperlinks to specific words like "stress relief, etc" that are advertisements.  The darker hyperlinks are from us.  When you visit their site, please do leave a comment for them and encourage them as well.

Here you go and as always please do share what you think: Reader, Jeri Taira, Takes on Food Allergies & Wins! HAVE A GREAT 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL.