Vega Community's Member of the Month is ...

*drum roll* ... none other than our very own ... Je... ri... Tai... ra!!!! *big applause*

Our hero, being her normal caring & personable self, discovered a cool community at Vega ... who in turn realized what many of us already knew... our girl is a pretty special person!

And now, Jill at Vega will share with you a little glimpse into the wonderful world of Jeri!

Congratulations to Jeri Taira, who is our second winner of the “Member of the Month” title!
Jeri is relatively new to the Vega Community and has been an amazing addition. She is very interactive - and passionate about supporting and sharing within the community.
Meet Jeri:
1. What is biggest way that the Thrive diet has changed your life?
It's helping my digestion to improve and I never thought it would. Now I have the resources toward healing from years of stress. I look forward to waking up every day now.
2. How and when did you find about Vega products? I read The Kind Diet and saw Brendan featured as a Superhero. I was like, "Vegan bars and shakes? For real?! I had to check it out.
3. What is your favorite vegan recipe?
Lightly steamed baby bok choy with a few drops each of ume vinegar and wheat-free tamari. Now I gotta go make some. I've just discovered kelp noodles too. They're so awesome. I love the diversity of the recipes here as well. I've been introduced to foods I never knew before.
4. What is your favorite workout?
Taking our dog for long relaxing walk or hikes. He's so inquisitive that it makes it an adventure. Follow that with a gentle stretch and breathe program and it's all good...aaaah :)
5. What are your current fitness goals?
Simply to keep steady in what I enjoy. If I'm not enjoying it then it's stressful. Brendan talks about this in his first Thrive book. And to keep discovering and trying things out.

6. How has the Vega community impacted your fitness goals/training?
The positive high energy of friends I've made here is unexplainable. I get excited at their accomplishments and it motivates me too. Making connections here has given life to what I've read and learned.

7. What motivates you to pursue a healthy lifestyle?
I totally want to be the grandma that can run and play with the grandkids. YEAH!


Jazz Siebert said...


You are so awesome and im so proud of you! :)

KD said...

I second Jazz's comment - you ARE a Superstar!!!

Go you! :)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

you ladies have more than made my day. It's so much more awesome when you can share with people who care about you. We really have to plan a get together and fly off to meet each other one day.

Dave @GodsDreamsForMe said...

congrats from me as well! i'm so proud of what you are doing for yourself ... and others!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

Thanks Honey :D What a team we make.