How to find legislature addresses and pending bills

1) Here are a few websites with general information about writing letters to your congressional representatives:


2) Using the clearest, "stickiest," most compelling presentation possible, write a brief letter (2 to 3 paragraphs at the most) advocating environmentally responsible food choices. Focus on expressing the issue without lecturing or talking down to the representative.

I suggest addressing this letter to your two United States senators and member of the House of Representatives for the congressional district in which you are currently registered to vote. If you are an international student, I suggest writing your own government officials. Refer to the resource "Take Action" at the end of this topic to find and contact your representatives.

An alternative audience is a public figure you think could have a significant impact on policy or public opinion on the topic of your choosing.

How to Find the Addresses of Your Congressional Representatives:

Here are a few websites to help you track down the mailing address of your congressional representatives:


1. If you know the names of your senators, scroll down the page to find their mailing address.
2. If you do not know the name of your senators, then use the pull-down menu called: [Choose A State], and then select the appropriate state.

House of Representatives:

1. If you know the name of your representative, go to the following website and click on the appropriate name:

2. If you do not know the name of your representative, go to the following website and type in the ZIP code for the address where you are registered to vote: Note: you need to know your 5-digit ZIP code and the four-digit ZIP code extension. To find the full ZIP code, 5 + 4 digits, go to and type the address for which you are registered to vote.

Finding Pending Legislation:

While not required, you might want to write to your congressional representatives about specific pending legislation. You could write a letter encouraging your representative to support or vote a certain way on a specific bill.

The Library of Congress’s Thomas website is an excellent resource for finding pending bills in Congress.

1. Go to:

2. Type keywords (e.g., ocean) into the “Search Bill Text” box.

Another pretty good resource:

(All credit to e-cornell plant-based nutrition and T.Colin Campbell)