"One Month Vegan Anniversary"

I'm so proud of myself. I really did do a good job for the 30 days. No fall backs. The cool thing is it got easier and easier each day that went by.

Now the big question...superhero or vegan? I choose both. I found that both lifestyles balanced out really improve my overall well-being. Since I have to decrease the grains for my stomach, it's good to have the vegan options as well.

Out of the whole month, David has been following vegan 3 weeks. He didn't even realize it. So he's going to finish out this week and as himself the big question of vegan, vegetarian, or occasional meat eater. At least he's being honest. But he did agree to keep up with veggies being the main course and all he's learned about grains and legumes.

Hope you all have a good week. Class has been keeping me pleasantly busy and well-informed. I'm totally having a blast.

God Bless You All,
Jeri - Oahu


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Jeri @GodsDreamsForMe said...

Thank you for that. I've just hit my 3 month marker and it's so fun. So glad to have met you here. You make my day.